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Residential Pool and Spa Services

Keeping your pool or spa in top condition can be a problem when looking after them yourself as it become to easy to use that good old saying “i’ll do it tomorrow”. As long as pools are serviced regularly then they should be in good condition and ready to use when ever you feel like a swim but unfortunately once a problem starts to develop it can quickly get out of hand so if you dont have time to dedicate to keeping your pool in top condition or unsure about water chemistry why not give us a call and let us that over leaving you more time to just enjoy your pool or spa.


  • Repairs
  • Renovations
  • Equipment Install
  • Interior Pool Surface
  • Pressure Wash
  • Pool Tile
  • Pool Maintenance
  • Pool Inspections
  • Pool Openings & Closings
  • Filter Repair
  • Painting

Your pool or spa should be a clean, safe, and beautiful place to spend time with your family. When you work with a professional pool service to maintain your pool, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a picture-perfect pool without needing to dedicate your free time to pool care or cleaning.

  • Proper pool care requires the right tools for the job. Your pool service will bring everything that is needed to maintain your pool.
  • Pool care involves more than simply maintaining the pH balance of the water and keeping it clean. Your pool service will also check for pool damage or leaks, as well as service the pool’s filter and plumbing equipment regularly so you can be sure that your pool is safe and problem-free at all times.
  • Even simple pool maintenance takes time to complete properly, and maintenance must be performed diligently. When you hire a professional to handle your pool care, you can enjoy more free time in your own personal schedule.
  • Closing and opening your pool correctly are vital to the quality and longevity of your pool. Your pool professional will ensure that your pool is ready for winter or summer so you can rest assured that your investment is protected at all times.The Winter 2017-2018 has proved the need to have your pool shut down correctly as we have been call out to a high number of non service customers with damage from frozen pipework. Some of these were easy fixes and cost around £60 parts and labor but for some the damage was underground and for them the cost has been in the hundreds and a couple have gone well into the thousands due to the time taken to find the leak and the amount of groundwork need .

Pool leaks affect the water quality and water level in your swimming pool.

  • Normal evaporation can cause up to 1/4” of water loss per day. If you notice a dropping water level that is greater than this amount, your pool may have a leak.if you have a auto top up you may not even know you have a leak until that huge water bill comes in.
  • If you have a auto top up on your pool it is good practice to turn it off for a few days once a month to see if you are loosing water , always check with your pool man on before as some pool covers need to be left off while doing this as if the pool water does drop it can cause damage to the cover and surround.
  • Pool leaks can cause water to drain into the surrounding area. This may cause pool decking to shift, crack, or rot, and can also affect nearby landscaping.
  • Water loss affects the efficacy of your pool chemicals which in turn can start giving you problems with water clarity.

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